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Announcing - Optishare!

Airsource are delighted to announce that Optishare is now available on the App Store.

What is Optishare? It's a simple app that allows the creation of QR codes on any iPhone or iPod Touch, which can be scanned by any QR-enabled device, such as an iPhone using Optiscan, the fastest QR code scanner on the App Store.

  • Share contacts, web addresses and text with other devices.
  • Save specific QR codes for quick sharing — perfect for sharing your business card.
  • Keeps a history of QR codes created and shared for easy recall.
  • Optishare supports encoding to UTF-8, ISO-8859, and Shift-JIS.
  • Select the contact details you want to send, to ensure the right people get the right information.

Optishare runs without a network connection, and keeps your data private. Why put up with anything less?


Optishare is available right now from the App Store.